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When I began the journey into ministry, God had given me some talent and a few skills. Musically I understood the mechanics of arranging, charting and leading a band. Vocally I could assemble, rehearse and produce quality music. Programming came easily, as did technology, graphics, design, and communication.

But that was not the job.

The job was a calling, and the calling was to leadership. I learned this through the steady discipleship of the pastors and leaders around me that challenged and changed me as a leader. 

From one pastor I learned shepherding and mercy for the entire body. From another I was schooled in vision casting and team development. Other leaders demonstrated profound passion for the local church through corporate worship. Many elders wrestled with theology, and together we sought sound biblical doctrine for the ministry. The greatest influence came from the pastor who spent a decade with me demonstrating a life disciplined by prayer, calling me into deep, personal spiritual growth before worship, before anything else. His impact still humbles me.

For the past several years as I continue to lead worship services, I have also been afforded the opportunity to disciple this next generation of leaders. Many gifted musicians, while desiring to serve well, need that same discipleship. We have the opportunity to model shepherding, team development and a rich prayer life. In no way am I implying that I have arrived. There is no such thing as a professional worship leader. However, I am aware of the need to not just raise up worship leaders, but to create a worship space that is not about what one guy is doing, but is about what the Spirit wants to do through all of us corporately.

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Reducing worship to a couple hours on a Sunday morning defies the calling of Romans 12. Paul calls us to that life which is lived in passionate pursuit, completely poured out and totally sacrificed. We are to live life ascribing worth to Him who is most worthy through the inclination of our heart, mind, and will.

What we do:

We are given a most exquisite and divine appointment each time we gather as a body of believers. We meet with our Creator, boast in His greatness and goodness, and laud His efforts on our behalf through Christ. We sing our theology and elevate His significance in our minds and hearts. We confess our sin and ask Him to create in us a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within us. We celebrate the ordinances, and thereby bear witness of His work in our lives. We listen, learn, and absorb the Word preached, and grow deep in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. In the end, we leave changed because we have been in His presence.

What He does:

I am compelled to deep places of prayer because of the understanding that, as the gathered Church throughout the world, He is moving and working in profound and personal ways in each city, each local church, and in each person every Sunday.

What it is not:

It is not in our power. We plan, we prepare, we rehearse, but then... then we pause. Settle. Inhale. We ride the wave of the work God began before time and is now doing through His Spirit.  

What it is:

True worship is about being authentic, broken, ready, and responsive before our Creator.

God reveals Himself, and we respond appropriately.

Worship is never about what we do; it is about what He does.


Over the last 24 years I have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of churches and a variety of demographics: rural to urban, beach to blizzard, rookie to retirement. God has used each of these experiences to expand my understanding of worship and confirm that we can never know the mystery of how worship impacts our soul. We only know that it does.


At Grace Church in Racine, my understanding of the role of worship grew through great emphasis on prayer and strong leadership development.


In Atlanta I worked as a contract musician for Perimeter Church. While I was scheduled on the main campus, I also worked with church plant pastors to develop their worship teams, create a worship plan and provide music support for their services.


When we were called to Florida, we settled in to the warm life and a new season filled with seminary. We served with young families, retirees, vacationers and farmers. 


Then, in 2013, I was offered a position in Iowa.


I know, sunny South Florida to Iowa.


This is a move we did not anticipate. To the outside world it probably does not make much sense. Let's face it, you don't have to shovel sunshine. However, the Lord was once again very clear with us in His direction, His timing and His plan. Twenty years ago I had been called into ministry while serving at this church. The return call was clear and blessed my family in ways I could not imagine.

My wife, the love of my life, and I have two remarkable children who have followed the Lord's hand on their hearts and are both pursuing ministry. Our daughter Hannah and her husband David live in Atlanta where he is a filmmaker. Hannah's degree is in Biblical Studies, and she is currently staying home with their baby girl, August (see photo below for unbiased confirmation of cutest baby ever). Our son Jack has graduated from Moody Bible Institute. He has been a worship leader and musician in several different ministries throughout Iowa City and on the campus of the University of Iowa. He recently accepted a position as the worship leader at Parkview's North Campus. The evidence of God's work in their lives humbles us and reminds us daily that God's plan is so much bigger than ours.




Parkview Evangelical Free
Iowa City, IA  

• coordinate three campuses, mid-week worship service and provide support for church plant • program and lead worship services • identify and disciple new worship leaders • recruit and train musicians and vocalists •  arrange, chart and disseminate music • coordinate and schedule all teams through planning center • provide music support throughout all ministries • coordinate city-wide outreach events • pre-marital and marital counseling • facilitate  weddings, funerals and baptisms • prepare and administer communion • pulpit fill • lead salaried staff of five • coordinate volunteer base of 80+ • manage budget and staffing needs • provide pastoral support


Westside Church
Fort Pierce, FL

• program and lead worship services • provide ongoing discipleship and biblical training • recruit and train musicians and vocalists • arrange, chart and disseminate music • coordinate and schedule all teams through planning center • pulpit fill quarterly • utilize mix of traditional and contemporary hymns and services • recruit and train volunteers • establish serving standards • hospital visitation • personal and marriage counseling • manage budget • coordinate community-wide events


Perimeter Church
Atlanta, GA

• serve in 3 different venues on one campus • meet with church plant pastors to assess worship needs • help recruit and train worship teams for church plants • lead rehearsals on main campus • arrange music • provide instrumental and vocal support • implement the vision of the senior pastor


Grace Church
Racine, WI

• support the vision of the senior pastor and direction of the elders • maintain high level of integrity of volunteer base • lead staff of six • coordinate volunteer base of 100+ • provide direction for worship growth and development • manage budgets • hospital visitation • create opportunities for discipleship • develop strong community among volunteers • conduct quarterly reviews • schedule and lead rehearsals • arrange music • provide instrumental and vocal support


Pawleys Island Church
Pawleys Island, SC

• establish contemporary worship • recruit instrumentalists and vocalists • research, install and implement all new technologies • train voluteers • support all churchwide ministries • form ministry support teams • manage resources



Mt. Vernon, IA
Bachelor of Music Education


Orlando, FL
Masters of Divinity (in pursuit)

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